Whats this? I started scanning different manga pages for my friends one day, and over time they collected up, so I decided to offer them on my web page. There are other things other than scans here, but mostly scans ^^; No mp3s, sorry ^^;;;
     Yes, the scans arent that great, I have a really cheap scanner. No, I wont scan an entire manga volume for you. I have very little time as it is -_-; You can find them on the net, or even better, buy them. The real thing looks much better than scans.
     Navigation is on the right, all pictures have thumbnails except the March Asuka scans. All thumbnails open in a new window, so deal with it ¬_¬;
     Use of scans: You may NOT use these images in image galleries, in your character shrine, etc etc. You MAY use these images for layouts. Credit + a link back is appreciated, but not required.
     Use of wallpapers: Don't EVEN think about it. They are for personal use ONLY!
     Use of winamp/icq skins: email me and ask. credit is required at the minimum. better supply the url of your page in the mail.
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