Please Read before Entering!
i hate to do this, but some people are new to oekaki bbs and don't have a clue how things are setup ^^;;;;; I don't have time to moderate the bbs all the time due to school and gaming obession. Sorry ^^;

  1. Please nothing above a PG-13 level ^^; there are younger people that visit these bbs. (and not to mention my family knows where my page is ^^;;;) Shounen ai and Shoujo ai are welcome!
  2. No text only posts or blank posts. Try to at least put some effort into the drawings ^^;;;
  3. Please comment on other people's work, its only polite and helps the board grow ^^
  4. Please do not draw two or more pictures in a row unless its been more than 12 hours since your last drawing.
  5. You must WAIT to be confirmed for registration to draw. This will take 24 to 48 hours MAX unless something comes up IRL for me.
  6. Spamming, flooding, imature behavour, flaming, or trolling WILL get you a ban. I don't want any of that on my bbs.
  7. Yes, deal with the popups. Its either popups, or no oekaki bbs.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


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