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05/24/2002 Entry: "im back..."

ekkez... i got alot of manga in japan, but we were travelling by public transport ^^;; and i bought all of it in kyoto XD which is where we went first, so i had trouble hauling it around... ^^;; i bought uhm.. chobits 1-4, the hikaru no go character book, hikaru no go volume 1, and i got tonnes of the fat phonebook magazines XD which is why i had trouble hauling it around ^^;;
kekez and i bought an MD, and a discman, and all this stuff.... hehe it was so much fun! everyone smokes though ~_~;; and we went to Shibuya, too, on the last day of the stay.. uwah @_@;;; all these ko-gals were all over the place! and some were so dark! and all these high school girls were there at like, 10pm at night @_@;; and they had these stalls, in the middle of the street, selling magic mushrooms LOL ~_~;;;
we also went to hiroshima... its so pretty! and we went to Osaka Gakuei... its such a huge school @_@;;; and the facilities are so niiiice~ *heart* and we went to a bunch of temples and shrines, ^^;
the guys in japan are sooo pretty! i mean, i thought that the guys wouldnt look like they look like in the magazines... but the guys in japan @_@;; theyre really pretty, kekez ^^; so are the girls~~ ^^;;; hehe and some of the guys at Osaka Gakuei, they pluck their eyebrows ~_~;; and i saw some guy in the park in hiroshima putting on mascara ^^;;;;;;
kekez and i love how theres vending machines everywhere in japan! around every 10m or so, theres a vending machine *^^* but i only saw a few with peach water ~_~;; and the clothes shops are sooo cool in japan, too~ so much variety! kekez ^^

hmm.. anyway.... one of my friends who clicked some links in my weblog, they noticed that the http://nikoyaka.com7.org/ link has turned into a porn site ~_~;;;; which shocked me ^^;;; kekez how freaky XD

wahaha i wanna live in japan XD




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