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01/07/2002 Entry: "bah"

baah >:P You should see it.... @___@ .... I woke up today.. much earlier than usual (last night i saw a huge roach and decided it was time to sleep *runs under covers*) I guess I'm supposed to be working on my homework (T____T) I hate homework... damn english... oh well... I don't want to grow older... 14 would have been nice (bleh)... 12 would have been even better ^__^

I wish I could go to a con (with my friends of course... cause if i went with my family i'd be too afraid to spend... alone too @___@)


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so err where are u from and what is this all about, i live in england.yeah byeeeeeeeeeeee :)

ruthie @ 01/14/2002 08:01 AM EST



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