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01/03/2002 Entry: ""

why... isn't ... anybody.. blogging.... ??????? >.<;;;; o_O;;;; @_@;;;;; haaaaaaaaaaa .. it's 5 am and i'm bored bored borreeeeeeddddddd.. and school ish starting soon T___T .. life can never be worse ..
by the way i just got my Kent CD.. it's a swedish band.. they're pretty cool.. i'd recommend em to u achan.. go search for their mp3 :D
so i'm changing my new year resolution!! heh .. it used to be losing weight wuahahaha.. not that it's not anymore.. but it's placed at 2nd place.. 1st ish .. i go-tta get out more often this year.. year before last year was fun.. but last year was crap..
man in order to do that i really should burn my satoshi.. but but but.. then i'd cry for a month.. and end up more depressed.. and will eventually kill meself.. x_X .. *rofl..
i have a lunch meetin tomorrow.. i should prolly sleep.. but i'm so wide awake.. i dont think i can sleep.. i'm thinking of re-watching FB 1-10.. where the hell ish my FB manga.. agggghhh >.< .. i need some yaoi fix.. maybe then i can sleep.. i need to read LM again..
year passed too fast.. i dont wanna be 20.. T__T .. 2 quarters left then i'm outta here .. heh that's nice.. have a change.. spice up life :D

kei : nahh i havent watched lotr.. i prolly wont :D .. unless i really really really dont have anything to do.. like rite now.. but i'd rather rewatch some anime ho ho hO~ ..
*okay.. dont look at me weird.. i'm just bored..
so achan.. yaoi-con wa dou?? it might be the last chance for us to meet XD


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hory smokes INDIE

yeah @ 06/28/2002 12:04 AM EST



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