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12/30/2001 Entry: "Lord of the Rings"

Kay, who has seen Lord of the Rings? I thought the movie was simply magnificant! The battles scenes were the best! I want to see Legolas and Aragon fight more XDXDXDXD... The movie was wonderful.. loved it. The forests and stuff were really cool too... I didn't like the elve's towns though... Rivendale was a disapointment. I've always pictured it up in the trees or something... But then again I tend to mix books up (ehehehehhe...) I half expected that guy with the top knot (from DRAGON LANCE! XD) to show up... and Tomas, who turned into an Elf (from the RIFTWAR SAGA XD)... and a mordheldral to show up (from the FORGOTTEN REALMS XDXDXD) ... see @___@... I just bunch up all the stories with elves and dwarves all into one plot and go on my merry way XDXDXDXD...

anyways.. what did you guys think of the story?




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