w00t! this is the group blog of most of the regulars of #squid on irc.anime-chat.com, or more simply, the 'non baka' of the server. Not a complete list. And not all of us post all the time either. the + indicate if we have a personal blog and its link to that.

who's involved?
||| aex
||| amiboshi
||| bubblegum (roxxanne) +
||| ChibiNeko +
||| Hitori +
||| Kamui +
||| kaitou
||| Kasumi
||| Larva
||| miaka +
||| Muerte
||| neela +
||| Nezu +
||| Ojiisama
||| Tadashi
||| vicious31
||| Victor +
||| Voka +


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12/04/2001 Entry: ""


no one's touched this thing in so long, i was afraid if i hadn't said anything, this silence would've gone on til the new year!

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